Looks like the change in diet and daily exercise is having a positive impact. And faster than I expected. When I was last tested, I was in Stage 1 Hypertension. My Systolic BP was 143 and my Diastolic BP was 82.

I went on to a low sodium calorie restricted diet. And daily aerobic exercise. I have lost 8 pounds and I have kept the sodium below 3,000 mg. Some days even below 1,500 mg.

I had my blood pressure checked today and I am down to 137/77. This means that I am out of Stage 1 Hypertension. With the new readings, I am officially Prehypertension.

I am being challenged to get my weight down to a pretty low level and to get the blood pressure well below 120/80. I am using CalorieKing’s Nutrition and Exercise Manager to track progress. It has really helped me on this challenge.

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  1. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hello Victor.

    I did take a look at your site. You provide some great insight into hypertension and your own experience with this illness. After reading your blog, I found myself feeling quite fortunate that I am responding to the challenge through lifestyle changes and not through meds.

    Best wishes on your journey. Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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