It Is Not All In My Head

The ringing in my head has pretty much disappeared. There is still a fairly noticeable whooshing sound, primarily out of my left ear, which is generating noise in my head. It comes and goes into my conscious mind, reminding me that spending time in a really quiet place, at least for now, is not a good plan.

My hearing is highly sensitized to the sound likely due to all that I went through over the last two weeks. I hope that the sound continues to lose energy and that I begin to adapt to the sound so that I can move on with other things in my life.

I am now able to get a full night’s sleep which is a tremendous relief. For most of the previous week, I was actually frightened to go to bed. I went in to work even though I was completely exhausted. I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be able to function without sleep. Regardless, I was thankful to be at work so that I could focus on something other than the sound in my head.

I am pleased that sleeping pills were not necessary. I am still a bit scared though. I have spent most of the past thirty years of my life working with sound. It would be hard to give that up. Thankfully, I have tested my hearing and the ears can perceive full range sound quite well.

So the physical challenge with tinnitus really had an impact on me. And the unexpected death of a friend really had an impact on me.

I find myself armed with a new resolve about life. To recognize and celebrate the many blessings that I am fortunate enough to enjoy.

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