Lots of email traffic comes in from the recording studio website. Some traffic looks for rate and booking information, some traffic pleads for talent development and some traffic looks for donations.

The most interesting plea for donations came from someone in Brazil. Here is the email:

Hi, we are from Brazil, we live in the Amazonia. We have some musical projects to accomplish, however, we need material for studio (musical records). If maybe have you equipment that you aren’t using and want to give us, being: microphones, monitors, musical instruments, amplifying, plates of sound, cables, microcomputer, table of sound, programs, etc (if possible with manual). We accept and we thank of heart, because with certainty they will make possible the accomplishment of these projects, supplying our lack that is immense, or also accept any type of aid to mount the cited studio of record. We are to disposition disposal, if you need information about our country or the Amazonia.

I could not find any plates of sound or table of sound in my studio.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Oh, I’ve got some plates of sound sitting around here….

    Maybe I accidently brought them home after the mercy train sessions. Sorry about that.

    lol 😀


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