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A MetaFacts study found that most laptops are used at two locations: work and home. The reason? Lack of Internet connectivity as well as the weight and hassle of carrying a notebook around.

I agree.

I have a laptop that I dutifully move from my office to my home so that I can keep connected to email.

Perhaps what I really need is a Sony Vaio. I wonder if I can add it to my Christmas list.

Sony Tiny PC

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Sortof an unusual study (or conclusion, I should say) when you think that the majority of most people’s time is spent at work and home. Even if someone used their laptop everywhere they went, it would evenitably be used mostly at work and home. Although what I think the study is really suggesting is that Laptops are used primarily as tools, not so much as entertainment devices. That vaio looks pretty cool 🙂 but I wonder how the usability is with it. Would it function as more like a glorified Blackberry than an actual notebook? Get Santa to get you one, now I want to try it out, lol.


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