Mickey 3

Last day in Orlando. We head back tomorrow.

After the sessions had wound up for the day yesterday, I took my daughter over to Epcot. We started walking around the park at 6pm or so. And everything was perfect. Light crowds, pleasant weather.

We went through the various pavilions: England, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Japan. And then we reached the American pavilion. They were hosting a wonderful orchestra and choir event. A candlelight processional. Christmas carols. The choir was about 200 voices strong.

The outdoor stage was a thing of beauty. Lighting, candles, landscapes all presented the perfect image of Christmas eve.

And then? A torrential downpour. Patrons panicked and dashed for shelter. Candles fizzled out under the monsoon rain. The orchestra pit became a swamp. Choir gowns became ponchos. The crowd went crazy tearing away umbrellas from poor helpless children. Old people were flung over posts to form temporary tents for the more able-bodied rain-soaked guests.

I will carry this memory for a long, long time. I think I need therapy.

A few more photos to share with you. Notice the guy sleeping in the park? Before the rain, he was just a normal guest. After the rain? Well, let’s just say you would not want to get in his way.

Guy in theme park

Hotel at night

Teddy bears


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