I am part of a peer-to-peer networking group and, as part of my commitment to that group, I attend one of the member-hosted forums each year. Fortunately for our group, one of the members is an executive with the Walt Disney company.

And this year’s session is being held at the Yacht and Beach club. I flew in to Orlando yesterday with my daughter. We had a chance to spend some time at Epcot. Disney had the Magic Kingdom open late just for the resort guests. We were there for most of the evening last night.

My host was kind enough to ensure a very low rate for the room. However, when I checked in, I was told that I had received a complimentary upgrade. Wonderful room and a great view.

Here are a few shots from the hotel and from one of the resort parks. I’ll let you guess which one.

Yacht Beach 1

Yacht Beach 2

Yacht Beach 4

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