Are You Tonedeaf?

A friend pointed me to this website. The test takes about 6 minutes and it does use sound to test your pitch perception.

I scored 80%.

From the website:

While working at the music and neuroimaging lab at Beth Israel/Harvard Medical School in Boston, I developed a quick online way to screen for the tonedeafness. It actually turned out to be a pretty good test to check for overall pitch perception ability. The test is purposefully made very hard, so excellent musicians rarely score above 80% correct. Give it a try!

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Well, you did better than me! Interesting array of sounds and arpeggios. I actually did the test 2 times last night. Once when my ears had not been subjected to a lot of noise and were rested and once again after I played guitar in my studio for about 2 hours, jamming live with friends. I scored better prior to playing than after. Makes sense I guess.

  2. Jose
    Jose says:

    Very challenging. 80.6% here. The funny thing is that after checking the answers I still listened to it different no matter that the two phrases were the same, I had to listen to it several times to be convinced. Very tricky the ear can be.


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