Best Places to Live in Canada

Money Sense Magazine published a list of the best places to live in Canada. You can download the article here. And the top ten list really surprised me. Here it is:

  • Leamington, Ontario
  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
  • Grande Praire, Alberta
  • Kitchener, Ontario
  • Cobourg, Ontario
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Red Deer, Alberta
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

Leamington is the best place to live in Canada? A bit of a surprise to me.

Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Leamington enjoys the second warmest climate in Canada after Vancouver Island. Tomatoes are big business in Leamington. And birds migrate in huge numbers at Point Pelee National Park adjacent to the town of Leamington.

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  1. City Dude
    City Dude says:

    Hamilton is hole within a hole. Moved there from Toronto to raise a family while still making Big City money. Travel time during evening rush hour once you hit Oakville is standstill for 2 hours, the city did smell even though we were closer to Stoney Creek, the people are extremely backwards and hate big city people. The only good side was McMaster hospital during my wife’s pregnancy. Get from one side of the city to the other in 20 minutes and never worry about parking. But had to move back to Toronto…wasn’t worth it and the whole city feels like welfare since 80% of them are on it and are proud of it.


    • Pam
      Pam says:

      “Hamilton is hole within a hole” ? I am curious as to what you are refering to as the hole that Hamilton is in? Would it be Canada, Ontario, the GTA? Also where did you get your stats that 80% of Hamiltonians are on welfare and that Hamiltonians “hate big city people”? Hamilton is a big city itself.
      I have lived in or around the Hamilton area all my life and Love it. I find the people here really nice and Love the community I live in. Hamilton has so much to offer from its over 100 waterfalls, numerous hiking and biking trails, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Niagara escarpment etc, ert. Yes Hamilton can smell due to some business but I find this is only close to these particular buisnesses.

      I would recommend Hamilton as a place to live for anyone. Yes the commute to Toronto can be slow but you get more for your money than in any city between it and Toronto. I could very easily mention things I find undesirable about other citys, but no city is perfect and each offer their own benefits. It all depends on the individual. I am pleased to hear the writer of the previous statment has moved out of Hamilton as I don’t think anyone should live in a city they do not Love.

  2. R
    R says:

    where does the horrad city of London On fair! Don’t plug anything in or breathe you’ll be taxed, and when you Die the Premier will tax you with his HST . Be a hillbilly, get candles, make moonshine, or you will pay in this horrrrrrrad city !

  3. Jessy
    Jessy says:

    I read the comments about Hamilton and I am so glad I am not the only one that thinks this place is garbage!! 😀 I was starting to think I was bitchy lol But seriously I moved in January here and what a mistake! It took me 4 months to get a job which by the way was a summer job so… now the summer is over and I still cant get anything! Im going nuts! most of the jobs that are out there are scams that promise you good pay but it’s all about door to door sales. The city is dirty, downtown is full of low life, hillbilly people with missing teeth and other with all kinds of disabilities. Businesses are going under, lots of commercial properties everywhere are for rent and no one is renting them and it has been like this for months! I cant wait to get out of here!

    • kilgore
      kilgore says:

      Garbage lol. Hamilton is the only city that I’ve ever been in where downtown is the dumpiest part of the city. The whole problem lies within the city council. They nickel and dime every project and end up spending triple to fix the mess they started, I hate this city. I remember the first time I had to write my address on something, and when I wrote Hamilton, I hung my head down and said to myself, “I truly have failed in life”

  4. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I can list many places that have HORRIBLE people…. cities and towns are never bad, its the people that make it unbearable.

    #2 – LONDON ON
    #3 – TORONTO – You would think being muli-cultural it would be great and friendly, well it’s not!

  5. Soles
    Soles says:

    I live in Kitchener right now,close to downtown, and i must say it’s not the best area. However, the suburbs are nice, with good neighbourhoods, schools and shopping. I think it’s hard to avoid crime in any city. We moved here from Victoria BC where we lived in a brand new condo by the harbour; there was an alcoholic living above us,many drug busts in the newer condos around us, and I caught someone snorting in front of the complex. Regardless, I’m here in Kitchener until I finish school, out of the list above, I’d choose Calgary next to live.

  6. SN
    SN says:

    Weather wise – here are the stats for best & worst places to live in Canada.

    Every place has good & bad about it. I have lived in London, Ontario & now live in Southern Alberta. I have lived in several other places as well. I liked London, but yeah pollution in the hot summer (that comes from elsewhere & settles there, because London is a low altitute) kept me inside. A lot less humid in S. AB, lot less snow, but no trees or lakes. Have to drive to the mountains for that. Housing & rent is high here, but no PST. Less taxes. I find Lethbridge, Alberta very similar atmosphere to London, ON, but about a 1/3 the population, so not as much traffic – but enough. Has all the stores, conviences of London. Usuallly you live where you can get work – which is why we moved here.

  7. Nicole Journeau
    Nicole Journeau says:

    Yeah right! Leamington smells terrible, either from the mushroom farm or Heinz depending on which way the wind blows! I moved here 4 years ago, and I always know when I get back to Leamington, the smell starts to come through the vents in the car! The economy is also terrible and good luck finding a job! Point Peele is the only thing going for this place, visit it, it’s beautiful! But I wouldn’t recommend living here.

    • Gordon Doyle
      Gordon Doyle says:

      Hi Nicole,

      I just read your comments.

      I have been thinking of relocating to Leamington because of the weather (it’s not too cold in the winter).

      Judging from your comments, perhaps I should reconsider.

      Do you have any other comments you’d like to share eg. what are the more desirable areas in which to live as far as leamington is concerned.

      Many thanks!

      Gordon Doyle

  8. Allyson
    Allyson says:

    Well People I lived in Brantford , Ontario for 37 yrs and last summer came to Calgary, ALberta to live. This is what I think about Ontario
    1.NO jobs!!!
    2. Not very family oriented
    3. No Mountains!
    4. Crazy Crazy taxes!!!!!
    5. Lots of people on social assistance!
    Now top 5 things i like about Calgary
    1.So many jobs ( you can be do whatever you want) within reason
    2. The city is so supportive and the goverment here. So easy to start over and in fact they want you to succeed.
    3. The Mountains!!!
    4. So many things to do if you are single , a family, or travelling through
    5. Money , Money Money!!!! I am not kidding you ! You can see smell and make it , if you want it!!!!
    Oh yes and we have the most sun all year long!!!
    So , am I happy I moved here? Darn right I am!!!
    thanks for reading!

    • suzette
      suzette says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write your comment. It has helped me alot. I recently moved back to Edmonton from Montreal but have been thinking about relocating back to Ontario or Calgary. The province of Alberta has alot to offer and your comments helped make my decision.

  9. Ronalee Kratko
    Ronalee Kratko says:

    Red Deer Alberta is most definitely NOT a good place to live.I live in Red Deer. Red Deer is #1 for domestic violence in alberta, as well Red Deer has alot of crime mostly related to drugs. It is absolutely unsafe to go anywhere. As a woman Im constantly warned to never walk or go anywhere alone at any given time of day or night. In Red Deer you are a target all the time to get robbed, assaulted,or a victim of domestic assault. Most of the large percentage of people looking for ways to get their next fix.

  10. Jack
    Jack says:

    Halifax? The problem with Halifax is that there are no jobs and people are uneducated, ironically the city has 4 universities and several colleges. People who are smart leave when they’re done school, because this place is full of rednecks collecting welfare. The only ones who like this place are from here, and a lot of people I know that came from other places are often appalled about the crudeness, for example How racists people are here, and they’re not even the target of it (I’ve even heard of policemen cracking racial slurs in the middle of the street before, the worst part is people here actually think the slurs have merits), that and the sheer laziness of this place. A relaxing place is just another way of saying “There’s nothing to do here”. Stay out of Halifax if you value your sanity (I’m out in 16 days, woohoo!)

  11. angie
    angie says:

    REALLY??? CALGARY IS THAT GREAT???!!! Well I lived in Ontario for most of my life!!! Beaches are beautiful, and we don’t get 8 months of WINTER!!!! I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta have visited Calgary….and there is NOTHING great about Calgary or Edmonton! For all the money Alberta has the Cities look like SH*#!!! They don’t care for their elderly (something that Ontario does) and yes….there are lot’s of jobs in Alberta for those from Ontario who have NO EDUCATION! If you have an education you can find work ANYWHERE!!! You make more money in Alberta because the cost of living is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Oh… wow we have HST in Ontario and BC!!!….both better provinces!!!! and things are still cheaper!!! …….and Leamington, Ontario is a great place for those wondering!!!! It doesn’t smell!! Anywhere in Southwestern Ontario is a beautiful place to live!!!!! If you are wondering…….yes I am moving back to the BEAUTIFUL province of Ontario!!! 🙂

  12. Warm Wind
    Warm Wind says:

    I see all of these “warmest places” listed everywhere and now here. Strange how EVERYONE misses Osoyoos, B.C. which is a semi arid desert environment at the end of the Senora Desert which stretches from Mexico, through the U.S. and ends at the U.S./Canadian International Border town of Osoyoos.
    Osoyoos also boasts the warmest lake water in all of Canada. Temps are warm year round and dry. None of that 8 degrees and rain, rain, rain in Chilliwack or Leamington mentioned in this article.
    I really do wonder if people actually go to these places or drive through at 3 a.m. on the super slab and claim they have been there. They read the big city weather reports and they claim they have the answers of fact. WRONG. Osoyoos, B.C. is by far the warmest year round location in all of Canada.

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