I downloaded the multitrack stems of several songs from the Barenaked Ladies latest CD. I know. I said I wouldn’t. But I was interested in hearing the individual stems separate from the final mix.

The project was recorded at a private studio called Fresh Baked Woods owned by one of the band. I haven’t seen their studio but I have seen the console they are using. It came from Le Studio, a high-end recording studio, now closed, that used to operate in Morin Heights, Quebec.

Bob Clearmountain mixed the project at Metalworks.

The tracks sound great.

I have closed off a couple of remix projects. A lot of artists go at it with little or no understanding of the recording process. And the result is an uncompetitive sound that cannot gain airplay. Self-produced projects are hit and miss particularly if the artist has no production experience.

I worked on one remix project recently where everything was just poorly done: tracking, mixing, performances. Very little could be done to salvage the project aside from starting over.

Why release such a project? Got me. Maybe for friends and family. Competition is really tough out there.

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  1. Jose
    Jose says:

    The worst thing is that if one let this kind of poor production to be released, the ones that get the bad credit and critics is often the studio and engineer and not the artist.


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