The Gathering

Jars of Clay. Steven Curtis Chapman. Zig Ziglar. Rob Bell. Ravi Zacharias. All here. At the Phoenician resort. Arizona’s top flight luxury resort.

Why are all of these big name Christians hanging around the Phoenician? Turns out that the Phoenician is hosting a conference for The Gathering.

You may be forgiven if you have not heard of The Gathering. It is a fairly exclusive group of affluent Christians.

The group started in 1985 with a simple agenda: bring together like-minded individuals to serve as a sounding board of peers, as an information resource, and a source of spiritual encouragement. The Gathering annual conference brings together almost four hundred people. The criteria for an invitation to the conference is an individual, family or their foundation giving a minimum of $200,000 annually to Christian ministries.

Lorraine spoke with one of the organizers today and she asked us to attend a private evening with the Jars of Clay. Neat.

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