Desert Tour

The conference finished up today with enough time to fit in a desert tour. We went up to an area just north of the resort. Mark was our driver and guide. A very well-rounded individual. He knew a lot more about Canada than most Americans I have met. And he was exceptionally well versed about the desert itself.

I took about 100 frames today. Tomorrow, we head out to Sedona where I expect to go through 300 or 400 frames. We have our tour of Sedona all planned out. It will be a full day so I won’t get a chance to update the blog until Friday.

Weather has continued to be exceptional down here. Sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid to high 90s. Today there was some cloud to paint the sky. The rest of our time here will be clear skies. Good thing I have a polarizing filter with me.

Here are some pictures from the jeep tour of the desert.

Mark and family

Jeep Tour 1

Jeep Tour 2

Jeep Tour 3

Jeep Tour 4

Jeep Tour 5

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