All Secure

Today we begin our journey to Arizona. We left the house this morning at 9am and, with any luck, we should be in the hotel by 6pm.

A full day of travel.

Airport security is certainly at play. No liquids or gels permitted on the plane.

The odd thing? The first-class lounge is no longer carrying any bottled products. No bottled water. No cans of soft drinks. For those who drink, no cans of beer.

How odd. I generally drink 2 to 3 litres of water each day. Air travel makes it tough to do that at the best of time. I have to drink water using tiny glasses. It was quite the balancing act transporting 10 glasses of water to the airplane.

Turns out that even open glasses of water are not permitted. I had to drink them all at once before we could board.

I have my eye on the seat belt sign and the washroom door. Time goes slowly when there is a lot of water pressure.

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