What is the Time?

My wife drops me off at the train station. And we arrived a bit early this morning. But how early? I could not tell.

The clock in her car was two minutes faster than my watch. My watch was one minute faster than my Blackberry.

“The Blackberry has to be right.” I said. “It updates the time from the network.”

To prove my point, I pulled out my cell phone as it took the time from the same network. 

It was one minute slower than my Blackberry.

The train’s clock, however, was somewhat faster than the clock in my wife’s car. It was a long walk to work this morning.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    I take it from this post your wife has recovered. Good news. I felt for her in your relative posting last week. Glad to read she is at least able to drive!

    From someone with 10 years of prior Go train experience – never plan to arrive one minute before your scheduled train – while arrivals are relatively stable, waiting for that next train is a drag! Especially if it is the milk run.


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