The Longest Commute

Saturn held a publicity stunt for their new SUV by holding a contest to determine which town in the GTA had the longest commute.

My town won. The driver left Newmarket at 7:45am and arrived downtown Toronto in 1 hour and 37 minutes. Traffic was obviously lighter than normal. A driver can shave almost an hour off that time by leaving two hours earlier. However, there is no escape on the way back. One and a half to two hours is the window to return back from downtown anytime between 3pm and 7pm.

What a mess.

The National Post, which covered this story, goes on to say that the government is working on a number of fronts to ease congestion.

The government needs to work much, much harder.

I have been taking GO Transit over the past month. I do not miss the drive for a moment. Transit takes about 4 hours of my day for commuting. Which makes for a long day of work. However, I won’t die as early from the stress of driving in gridlock.

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