Ducati 916

A friend of mine attempted to boast about his bike: a Ducati 916. These are his words:

The 916, Massimo Tamburini”™s design masterpiece, and now known as the ”˜Marilyn Monroe of motorcycles”™. Mine is a 1995 model, and was one of the first ones delivered to Canada. It”™s only got 1800 miles on it ”“ still not fully broken in according to the manual.

No Japanese designer could ever have designed a motorcycle as beautiful as this one. Really, it”™s still breathtaking to look at in the flesh – a 13 year-old design!

Here is a picture of his bike:

Ducati 916

He does not take into account that the British are much better bike designers. My favourite is the Pashley Pickle Tricycle. This is a hand-made design manufactured to the highest possible standard. The Ducati 916 is about $30,000. My Pashley? Well, it is priceless and I ride it with great pride.


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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Funny, I would not have described you as a ‘little-legged’ person. Inside leg height of 17-20 inches?

    The question is, though, does it have I-Drive technology and run-flat tires (or tyres as the case may be)?

    Not a commuting option, I don’t think!

    Great post!


  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    My bike offers an exceptionally stable platform on a remarkably simple transmission system. The fuel economy is unmatched, provided the operator is appropriately nourished, hydrated and in good physical condition.


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