Household Survey

I am sure that this happens to you as well. You are at home, likely close to dinner time, and the telephone rings. Carpet cleaning, doors and windows, canvassing for donations, and, my favourite, the household survey.

Sometimes the household survey is a front for selling vacuum cleaners. And sometimes the survey is part of an elaborate multi-level marketing scheme.

Last night, I did not bother to find out. Let’s listen in on the call.

The telephone rings. Right before dinner.


“Hello. Is this Mr. or Mrs. Cleaver?”
Note to self, must lower voice when answering the telephone: “This is Mr. Cleaver.”

“Hello, Mr. Cleaver. This is Nancy calling from KRS Research and we are conducting a household survey. Would you be able to spend a few minutes answering some questions?”

“That depends. Where is your company located?”
“Um, we are located, um, we are in, um, yes, we are in Saskatoon.”

“You don’t seem convinced.”
“No, we are definitely in Saskatchewan, I mean, Saskatoon.”

“And who is the survey for?”
“KRS Research.”

“No, I meant who is paying for the survey. Who is going to use the data from the survey and for what purpose?”
“Um, the survey is being paid for by, er, um, I’m not sure.”

“Let’s see. You are not sure of your location and you do not know who is paying for the survey. Would you give out your personal information under those circumstances?”
“You have a point.”

“Have a pleasant evening.”

Another telemarketer stumped.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    That”™s a good one! I have another suggestion:

    I always say the following to telemarketers;

    “I can’t talk right now – may I have YOUR home phone number and I will call you back.”

    I am answered either by 1) silence, 2) a hang up, 3) “I can’t give you my home number” or 4) “You can’t call me at home.”

    To 3) and 4), I reply ”“ “You called me at home didn’t you?”?

    This usually truncates the call quite quickly indeed.


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