Clint Brown

Jordon Cooper posted on the Clint Brown divorce in February of 2005 here. I had also posted on Clint Brown here, here and here.

We both continue to receive comments and flames from the post. In my case, much of the traffic on the post originates from Florida. The typical search string is “Clint Brown Divorce”.

Jordon has an update on this topic on his site today. And I admit to having mixed reactions to some of the comments that I have received.

Many of the comments, which come from disciples of Christ, are quite hateful. Other comments fall into the following lines of thought:

  • He is anointed therefore he deserves God’s blessings
  • Who are you to judge God’s anointed?
  • You do not know the man and you do not know his motives

Clint Brown did fight to prevent his divorce proceedings from becoming a matter of public record and for good reason. There is certainly some questionable behaviour in the court filings. You can read more about Clint Brown here.

Is living large an acceptable practice for church leaders?

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