How to Stop the Doorbell From Ringing

Every once in a while we get someone trying to have some fun by ringing our doorbell. Once we get to the door, the culprit has run away.

So much fun.

I don’t mind it when it happens while I am awake. However, I do mind when it happens at about 4:00am. Which it did. Today.

There was a sense of panic and alarm that occurred when I awoke from a deep sleep. The sound of our front doorbell ringing over and over. Was someone in distress? Was someone attempting a diversion to commit a criminal act on our home? Should the police be called?

And I was not really alert enough to provide a measured response. I stumbled into my son’s bedroom as his windows overlook the front entranceway. No one there.

Why would someone do that at four in the morning?

I did some research on the web to find a high-tech solution to the problem. The solution, pictured below, appears satisfactory. If pressed between certain hours, the doorbell will eject an odourous liquid guaranteed to make the culprit think twice about coming back to that particular door.


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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    Too funny!!!! Too, too funny!!!! I can’t stop laughing and I needed a good laugh today!! Thank you and God bless you, Richard!

    In regards to your doorbell culprits, it is sincerely time for you to move! Your neighborhood scares me!!


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