Record on Wheels

Although a few years away, I have been diligently preparing and planning for our retirement years.

Rather than carry two fixed location properties during retirement, one in Canada and one somewhere south, we have thought about getting an RV. As we will be relatively young retirees, an RV would provide us with a condo on wheels to travel across North America.

I have even picked out some potential models. The Mountain Aire from Newmar, pictured below, or a tricked out Dutch Star.

Mountain Aire

So, as a plan, that seemed to be fine. But what about the studio? Then an idea came to me. Okay, maybe it was planted by Wayne Hawthorne of Click Track Audio in Ottawa.

A mobile recording studio.

Here is the floorplan of Wayne’s mobile recording rig.

Clicktrack Floorplan

Admittedly, I don’t think my wife would approve of the cube van look. And no place to sleep. Nor quite as sleek as the Mountain Aire. But maybe I could tow the mobile recording rig behind the RV?

Clicktrack Van

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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    My Aunt and Uncle bought a fully loaded RV and did take a trip from Houston, Texas to Alaska in it but found it was most difficult to find parking. They then opted for a custom made extended van
    for a few years before settling on a condo in Texas, a condo in New York and a summer house including a guest house in the Southern Mid-West.
    But……..think of all the “dreams you could make come true” with a recording studio in tow!

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    I like the recoding studio in tow idea….who knows, you may just find Willie Nelson hitch-hiking along a highway somewhere looking for a recording deal!


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