Make Our Dreams Come True

I receive a lot of email requests to help produce an artist. I generally work on a couple of projects a year and, each year, I receive upwards of 100 email requests.

I am very selective on the artist and the project. Most of our work comes through word of mouth and personal connections. As a consequence, the majority of email requests receive a brief negative response. Every once in a while, though, a request comes forward where I have to be careful about the response.

Here is an excerpt from one that I received yesterday:

Hi… i was wondering once me and my band get together and all if you could / wanna work with us on the recording and all? We are 13 yrs old. and wanna make our dreams come true.

I guess the Internet makes it easy for kids to reach out to total strangers. This note came from a young female. And, as a parent, I would be concerned if my daughter took such an action independently.

I will frame a positive and constructive response. I will encourage them to work with their parents on their dreams.

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