For a couple of reasons I elected to take the GO train into Toronto today.

When I first moved here, the train service into Toronto was very poor. Infrequent runs meant that I would have been locked into very tight schedules.

A lot has changed over the past eight years.

So, I am giving the train a go. I am clocking the time and I expect to spend about three hours on the commute. Which, on top of a workday, makes for a pretty long run. I’ll see if it makes a difference on the stress level.

When I drive, I spend about somewhere between two and two and a half hours on the commute.

But… I can’t read or catch up on email.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:


    I hope you are not one to be easily sedated by the quiet, sleep inducing nature of the GO train! The gentle roll of the train car, the regular clicking of the track, comfortable seats – I have heard of many new to this environment ending up 3 stations beyond their destination. I look forward to reading your follow up story….

  2. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Seems like a very reasonable idea to me, hope it goes well. I wonder how long it wil be before you start missing your car 😉


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