Vacation starts late today and runs for a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to some time away. However, the job jar looks pretty full:

  • Finish the mastering pre-work for Mercy Train. Most of the time I will be watching the computer write data files. How exciting.
  • Redecorate the family room. Extreme makeover time.
  • Clean and rejoint the paving stones. I haven’t counted, but I suspect that between the driveway, front patio, rear patio and pool area, there are close to ten thousand of those pavers. Perhaps I should count them first, before I start. In case someone takes them to use as a weapon.
  • Restain the Muskoka chairs. Muskoka chairs must look nice. Even if you never sit in them.
  • Parge the foundation of the house. I have no idea what that means really. There is this small section of concrete where the foundation of the house meets the brick. And the previous owner decided to put something on that concrete. It is peeling. Everywhere. The house sits on a foundation that is approximately 50 feet by 50 feet. A lot of scraping and parging.
  • Redo the lightscape and part of the front landscape. I had put some lights in the front landscape. And, over the past several years, most of them have decided to fall apart. We also lost one ornamental tree and part of the bed has been taken over by rogue outgrowths of grass.
  • Declutter the furnace room. I am sure that this is what William Shatner would call the final frontier. I need that lady from HGTV.

Having reviewed the list, I think I have too much work at the office. I’d better postpone the vacation.

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