My oldest son went into surgery on Friday. Jaw alignment.

The surgery went well and he is back home now. He is in some discomfort with significant facial swelling and I can tell that he is a bit off his game.

His mouth will be wired shut for the next few months. This means that he is not able to talk or to chew solid food. Tough challenges for a teenager.

Aside from pen and paper and hand gestures, he uses the text-to-speech feature of his MacBook Pro to communicate. His typing speed is really fast and the machine’s pronunciation is quite good. My son has compared his situation as a cross between Teller and Stephen Hawking.

I spent most of the day with him yesterday. We watched the entire British Open together. I bought him a new XBOX 360 game, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, which he seemed to enjoy. We also watched some movies.

I do hope for a quick recovery as he starts university in about 7 weeks. So far, he seems to be doing really well.

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