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Dell has started up a blog here. The blog posts are somewhat predictable and the usual corporate-speak abounds. For example:

  • “In the past months we have taken a more holistic look at our business…”
  • “We are radically restructuring our contact centers…”
  • “Processes are being reengineered and we are taking a rigorous 6-sigma style approach … “
  • “The good news is that improvements will be continuous…”
  • “We have a sense of urgency. We have a plan we believe in, and we”™re ready to share it…”

Okay. So it is easy to forget that most of us don’t know and/or don’t care about 6-sigma. And why is it so difficult for companies to gain a holistic and integrated view of their business? For that matter, what is a holistic business anyway and why do we even use the word holistic?

I am not sure that I can envision a radically restructured contact center, sounds painful, but at least the company is trying to learn and to improve. And, if you read the comments section of this blog post here, (scroll down) it seems that a lot of people want to work for Dell. Hopefully, their verbal communication skills are a bit better than their written communication skills. Some of the comments are really quite funny. I don’t know that I have ever seen so many job applicants on a blog before.

Of interest, since May of 2006, Dell has been searching thousands of blogs that mention Dell, every day, to see what they can learn and to identify problems that they can solve.

They even followed up on the flaming computer that I posted about here.

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