The Longest Mile

The media were actively reporting the latest findings from Statistics Canada on commuting times. The longest commute was in the metropolitan area of Toronto, where commuters took an average of 79 minutes for a round trip, or roughly 340 hours in a work year, or two solid weeks.

The Statistics Canada piece can be found here.

The most difficult journey I face is the drive back and forth to work. I spend 2 hours a day commuting. And I wake up at 5 am every workday to join the early morning rush downtown.

500 hours each year. Stuck in a car. Grinding through gridlock.

Put another way, if I worked an 8-hour day (I wish), the commute is equivalent to three work months of time. I sometimes question my sanity on this front. I operate without enough sleep, face horrendous driving conditions most of the time, spend more hours in a car than with my family during the week, and I am not alone. Millions of people are doing the same thing every day.

Simply stated, this is nuts.

I need to install that helicopter pad and get a Skywalker.


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