I was doing some reading on the characteristics of Christian leaders and I came across a study on excellence here.

Some interesting thoughts.

Excellence is the state or quality of excelling. It is superiority, or the state of being good, to a high degree. Excellence is considered to be a value by many and a goal worthy to be pursued.

The pursuit of excellence is not to be a quest for superiority, and it is not about competition or about outstripping others, which is usually done for one’s own glory or significance or for the praise or applause of men.

Instead, excellence means being your best. Excellence means being better tomorrow than you were yesterday. Excellence means matching your practice with your potential.

The pursuit of excellence should not be limited by the nature of the task. We should pursue excellence no matter how humble or menial the task.

The pursuit of excellence is never a matter of simply choosing between what is good or bad, but of choosing what is best or superior.

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