DNA Recording Facilities

DNA Recording Facilities, a recording studio in the Toronto area, was highlighted by Mix magazine as one of the best new facilities to open in 2006.

The studio was designed by Pilchner Schoustal International. The concept started off as a private project studio for Chris and Dave Tedesco. They invested a bit of money into their room which includes an SSL 4080 G/G+ console.

DNA Control Room

DNA Talent Room

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Do you know if Chris and/or Dave are related to the late great Tommy Tedesco? I still peruse his book “For Guitar Players Only” . Published many years ago…most recorded guitar player in history, to this day, I believe….

    And given that, referring back to your prior post, he is not on the Rolling Stone Top 100 list.

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Tommy was born in 1930 in Niagara Falls, New York and moved out to the U.S. west coast in the 1960s. Chris and Dave have been active in the Toronto area for a number of years. I don’t know of a family relationship between them and Tommy.

    Tommy certainly should have been in the top 100 list. He was a monster talent and one of the most recorded guitarists in history.


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