Discontinue Blogging

The flu bug I caught over the week-end was really nasty. I had to attend a business conference at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake. A wonderful spot. One of the nicest towns in Ontario.

And I was not able to enjoy the time that I spent there. I was in such rough shape that I barely slept. Somehow I managed my way through two days of meetings. It is Thursday evening now and I think that I am finally starting to feel a little better.

So what happened to the blog over the past couple of days? Although I remembered to bring my laptop with me, I completely forgot to bring my travel bag of electronic interconnects: the wireless LAN card, the remote access id for VPN access, USB cables, LAN cables, etc.

The Prince of Wales hotel only offers wireless LAN Internet access. And they do not stock wireless LAN cards for folks like me taking medication that clearly states: “Discontinue activities requiring alertness.”

Activities like packing your computer for travel and forgetting to bring along a LAN card.

So, not only was I unable to sleep or rest, but I could not update the blog and whine about how miserable my life was over the past couple of days.

Boy was it miserable.

I feel better now.

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