And He Can Bench Press 3,000 Pounds

A friend of mine passed me an article about Pat Robertson. This one had nothing to do with money. It was about brute force.

Pat Robertson, the 76-year old host of the 700 Club, offers an age-defying protein shake. Almost free. You need to register if you want to download the magic recipe.
At the young age of around 73, Pat claims to have leg-pressed 2,000 pounds. How he accomplished this feat is explained here. Must watch out for age-defying protein shakes. They are really, really strong!

A lot of skeptics out there for some reason. Here and here for some examples.

Apparently, it is not uncommon for men to leg-press over 2,000 pounds as Wikipedia explains here. So perhaps Pat, the wunderkind senior citizen, did press that much weight.

What I really want to know is whether Superman can bench press 3,000 pounds on his age-defying protein shake.

Must be time for Pat to hang up his boots. What more media damage can he do?

Pat Robertson Leg Press

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