100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

It has been a while since I looked at this list. An odd list really. The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time includes Ike Turner? Lots of amazing players did not make the list.

Oh well, it is Rolling Stone magazine.

Sorry? Where was I on the list? 101st. I need a bit more practice to break the top 100.

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  1. Luco brazi
    Luco brazi says:

    My top 5

    1. Buckethead
    2. hendrix
    3. van halen/ page
    4. eric clapton
    5. les paul (because he invented the thing!) if not him then john petrucci

  2. Fish N Chipsx
    Fish N Chipsx says:

    YES LUCO BRAZI ….. BUCKETHEAD IS THE DON OF GUITARS AND I AM GLAD SOMEBODY HAS HEARD OF HIM!!! SLASH IS SHIT!!!(well hes not its just everyone makes him sound better than he actully is….. Top 5 1.Micheal Angelo Basio 2.Ace Frehley(KISS) 3.Jimmy Hendrix 4.Les Paul 5.BucketHead These are in no particullar order but MAB(Basio is tghe best

  3. Sven Ghali
    Sven Ghali says:

    I’m not a guitare expert; more of a fan of great music. In not particular order:
    Jimi Hendrix – So very original
    Saul Hudson, aka Slash – Loud and energetic always
    Eddie Van Halen – The guy created the soundtrack to my youth
    Joe Satriani – Technical master
    Zakk Wylde – Just so damn awesome

  4. Ryan Murray
    Ryan Murray says:

    I honestly think Slash is okay. All though i think Kirk Hamett should be higher ranked considering Metallica is one of the best bands to have ever been created along with several othhers.
    1. jimi Hendrix
    2. Van Halen
    3. Kirk Hammett
    4. Herman Li
    5. Too many to decide from.

  5. Anna Rendell
    Anna Rendell says:

    havent heard anything by jimi hendrix
    i play guitar and here are my top 5 guitarists that i love

    1. Brian may coz hes epic
    2. nancy wilson coz shes the best at everything
    3. ann wilson coz she can do everything too
    4. angus young coz hes funny as and better than you think
    5. jimmy page just coz hes from led zeppelin and robert plant was part of led zeppelin and i love led zeppelin

    yeah i know im old-fashioned get a life and deal with it everyone else is


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