A Really Hot Laptop

This Dell laptop computer is really hot. Apparently, it exploded because it was running a beta version of Vista (just kidding). You can read the story about this laptop here. The explosion occurred at a conference in Japan.

I wonder what might have happened if the laptop had exploded on an airplane.

Air Marshall: “Sir, you are under arrest.”
Passenger: “Hey, I didn’t bring a bomb on board. My Dell Windows laptop just exploded!”
Air Marshall: “Sure it did. Next time, get a Mac. But for now, off to Guantanamo Bay you go.”
Laptop Explodes 1

Laptop Explodes 2

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    I ‘m not sure if you noticed, but look at the guy in the bottom picture, left hand side. It appears he is so delighted with igniting the first laptop, he is hitting the ‘blowup’ key on another! (If you read the Dell manual carefully, you can re-program the “End” key to do just that.)


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