10 People Who Don’t Matter

Business 2.0 just published their list of 50 people who matter. You can read through the list here. Steve Jobs comes in at number 5.

They also published their list of 10 people who do not matter here. First on the list? Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

From the Business 2.0 website:

Let’s face it: The head of the world’s biggest software company is a lame duck. Sure, Microsoft’s board still backs Ballmer as CEO, and he still has a core of loyal executives within the company. But with longtime partner Bill Gates stepping away from his day-to-day role to focus on saving the world, and Ray Ozzie playing the role of resident visionary, the CEO job just won’t be as much fun. And with employees and investors still in a froth over the company’s low share price, it will be increasingly tempting for Ballmer to follow Bill’s lead, and make boosting the shares someone else’s problem.

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