Run Flat

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that the Toronto way of life seems a bit flat.

That sentiment was driven, in part, by a flat tire. As I drove in to work yesterday, the BMW iDrive system sternly announced a flat tire. And, given that I have run flat tires, restrict speed to 80 km/h or less until the tire gets replaced. Which, on the Don Valley Parking Lot, is not an issue.

I went to the dealer for help. The left rear tire had a nail.

“Can’t patch it,” said the service tech, “We have to put on a new tire.”

“How much?” I asked.

“About a thousand dollars installed. Unless, of course, you bought the wheel and tire warranty when you got the car. Then we replace the tire without charge.”

I don’t normally buy warranty extension coverage plans but when I purchased the BMW, I decided that the five hundred dollars was a wise investment to protect the wheels and tires. I had a couple of issues with my last car and I learned from that experience. So, no charge on this little incident.

The run flat tire is an interesting technology. The BMW was able to ascertain a flat tire even though it was a slow leak. The rear tire had dropped about 2psi. The system continuously monitors tire rotation on all four wheels and compares the rate of rotation to determine if a tire pressure change has occured. If it senses a change in pressure, it alerts the driver.


Run Flat

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  1. mike stander
    mike stander says:

    seems like the only ones happy with run flat tyres are BMW… one wonders how they manage to get away with blatant profiteering? They design a tyre that cannot be repaired and a spare wheel compartment that cannot take a normal backup tyre. In South Africa they are the only suppliers of the tyre and if you do opt to change to standard tyres then the insurers will not insure the car. Talk about being inbetween a “flat spot” and a “empty pocket”??? I have replaced 6 tyres in 32,000 kilometers it killlllling me!


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