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After a lot of travel and some much needed sleep, we are back home.

Looking back, we did an amazing amount of touring in a few short days. We drove the Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara. We walked the Gap of Dunloe and climbed the highest mountain in Gleninchaquin Scenic Park. We crossed the Lakes of Killarney. We toured historic Dublin. I drove a standard shift car on the wrong side of the road.

In short, we experienced Ireland and it was a wonderful experience.

The next few days will be an adjustment to the Toronto way of life. Which, by comparison, seems a bit flat.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    As my Irish, future son-in-law often says, (when delighted)…

    “lovely-jubbly” sp?

    I think it means good or great, anyway, he seems to say it a lot when pleased, or when eating (same thing)

    Good to have you home!

    Now, get back to work! Our shares are suffering!




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