We arrived in Kenmare today. And in enough time to go on a photo shoot. I worked through a couple of hundred exposures so I’ll only highlight a couple of quick jpegs to give you a sense of the world over here.

We started off by driving along the Ring of Kerry. This is a beautiful drive through some fantastic landscapes. We stopped at Muckross House. Although I am only showing you part of the estate, the gardens were simply amazing. I may post more of those pictures over the next few days.

Muckross House

There were so many historic buildings on the journey. This one is of an old farmhouse converted into a gift shop and restaurant.

Mollie Farm

We drove up through Ladies’ View and had a chance to see the Lakes of Killarney.

Lakes of Killarney

We checked into our hotel at Sheen Falls Lodge. Our room overlooks the falls pictured below.

Sheen Falls Lodge

And, a picture of a couple of boats in Kenmare.

Kenmare Boats

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