Ireland Day 2.5

A little bit of time for touring today. We had a chance to visit a couple of churches: Christ Church Cathedral, a church that was established at its current location around 1030, and St. Patricks Cathedral, a church that was founded beside a sacred well where Saint Patrick is thought to have baptized converts around AD 450.

The two top pictures are of Christ Church and the bottom two pictures are of Saint Patrick. There was something quite moving about visiting these churches and learning about their history.

Christ Church Cathedral 1

Christ Church Cathedral 2

Saint Patricks Cathedral 1

Saint Patricks Cathedral 2

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  1. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Business in Dublin and a few personal days in Kenmare.

    The pictures are from the new Nikon D200. I shoot RAW+Basic JPEGs. The images I am posting on the blog are quick takes from the low-rez JPEGs. The RAW files are about 12 megabytes and need to be processed once I get them home.

    I expect to take about 1,000 or so exposures out here. I will grade them once I am back home and then I will use Photoshop to enhance the best shots. Those then get printed into the portfolio.

    But, to give the kids at home a sense of what things look like out here, a couple of quick jpegs tell the story. Glad that you like the pictures!


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