Ireland Day 2

Most of today and tomorrow will be focused on the business end of the trip. I will have a little time today to continue to explore the city. Tomorrow is all booked. And Friday we leave to Kenmare for some personal time in southwest Ireland.

A few more photos to share.

The first is indicative of the type of housing throughout much of the downtown area. Beautiful homes. And, yes, those are palm trees in the front yard.

Irish house

The second is a picture of Examination Hall at Trinity College. This building was completed in 1791. I don’t think students liked exams any better back then.

Trinity College

This next picture is a transit streetcar. Very sleek and high tech.

Irish Transit

And, last one for today, is another shot of the Grafton shopping district. When we went to dinner in the same area last night, everything was closed. Unlike some areas of North America, the go-go lifestyle is absent here. The stores close by 6 or 7pm. And they do not stay open on Sundays.

Irish Shopping

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