The Emerald Island

We left our home on the journey to Ireland at around 4pm EST. We finally made it into the hotel at around 7am EST. That would be about 15 hours of continuous travel with little sleep.

Am I a little tired right now?

Regardless, before the meetings start tomorrow, we had to explore Dublin. And I found out a few things about the people who live here.

First, they prefer to do their work at the park. Every park that we walked through had hundreds of office workers just sitting on the grass. Some were having picnics. Some were reading books or newspapers and others were just sleeping.

Irish at the Park

The people who were not hanging around the parks were on Grafton Street shopping. The place was absolutely packed with people. There were so many people hanging out that we thought we must have arrived on a holiday.

Irish Shopping

Nope. Everyone was just enjoying a fantastic day. Sunny and 25 degrees Celsius. No rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

And, with parks like this, little wonder the people of this city take some time out to enjoy the summer weather.

Irish Garden

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