Winning the Lottery

“This is like winning the lottery. Congratulations!”

So said the manager of the local Henry’s Camera store in my town. My Nikon D200 arrived yesterday and I picked the camera up last night. There is so much demand for this camera that when one comes in, it is like winning the lottery.

I had ordered the camera back in April. I am heading out to Ireland next week and I was really hoping to have the new camera with me.

What a great piece of equipment and what a steep learning curve. To say that the body is full featured is an understatement. I spent over two hours with the camera and the manual last night.

I think I was able to take a picture by the end of the evening. Obviously I will post some pictures of Ireland to the blog. I should have enough time to work out the camera before I leave.

Technology offers many things. A comprehensive user manual and a separate “how-to” book seems to be mandatory. I would not have figured out all of the features and menus on this camera without the manual.

Nikon D200

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  1. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hello Dan…

    Both are superb cameras. The only minor knocks that I hear about are 1) the Canon’s plastic body and 2) the D80’s use of SD cards. Otherwise, for established photographers the move to Canon/Nikon is usually about the glass. If you have an existing investment in expensive glass (camera lenses) then you would generally stay within the manufacturer’s line.

    If this is your first DSLR then you have two wonderful choices. Either one will serve you well. If your budget allows, try and upgrade the kit lens. Otherwise, your choice will be more subjective, e.g., which camera has the best look and feel, than technical.


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