The Long Weekend

The Victoria Day weekend, often referred to as the May two-four weekend, ushers in the unofficial start to summer.

As you can see below, Environment Canada issued its long-range forecast. And the projection indicates a much warmer and drier than usual summer.

I thought about that projection as I wore my long underwear to my golf lesson on Saturday. And I thought about that projection as I watched snow come down yesterday amidst gale force winds, rain/snow and windchills that hovered around the freezing mark.

Below the Environment Canada projection is a picture of my youngest son taken in July of 2004. We decided to spend the Canada Day long weekend at the beach. And the temperatures were not that much warmer than freezing. That summer was one of the coldest and wettest summers I have ever experienced.

I wonder if Environment Canada predicted a warmer and drier summer then as well. At least the work week will be sunny and warm.

How nice.

Environment Canada

Matthew freezing at the beach

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