Legend Presented as Fact

I was listening to CBC on the way in to work this morning. The morning show host, Andy Barrie, was intoning an opinion: the Da Vinci Code is legend presented as fact. And, without much thought, he continued: isn’t religion just the same? Isn’t religion simply legend presented as fact?

I will admit that he showed constraint. He did not say directly that Christianity was legend presented as fact. Although, given the context of the Da Vinci Code, the implication was quite clear. He interviewed a couple of Catholics and tried to draw the conclusion that the Da Vinci code was really no different than the bible.

Legend presented as fact.

I read the Da Vinci Code. It was a fun read. An extended chase sequence with a poorly developed conspiracy theory thrown in for good measure. The book was a commercial work engineered to entertain and to make money. It accomplished both.

Would I read the Da Vinci Code as a source of truth? As a source of wisdom and values? As a way to understand the nature of the divine and the state of human condition? Certainly not.

The Da Vinci Code is disposable entertainment. It exploits elements of organized religion as a way to create and sustain interest. The Da Vinci Code is really more like the UFO conspiracy theorists. High on intrigue, low on credibility.

A better construct for the Da Vinci Code: fiction presented as fact.

I will go and see the movie. Like National Treasure, I am sure it will be an enjoyable popcorn movie for summer viewing.

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