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We picked up my son from Laurier yesterday. He has accepted the offer of admission to Laurier’s school of business and he enters first year this fall. Laurier offers a student leadership in business conference called the Link and my son took part in that experience last week.

He had an awesome time. From what I gather, the program was very busy and challenging. There was a major case study, social events and guest speakers. Dennis Kavelman, the Chief Financial Officer for RIM and a graduate of Laurier’s business school, was one of the speakers. Luc d’Abadie, author of The Power of Focus for College Students, was another speaker.

I read Luc’s book last night. There is a supporting website for the book here. Still under development as many of the treasures within the book reference content not yet available on the website. However, the book is a great resource for students. I have to make sure that my son gets through it before he starts in the fall. What a wonderful resource. I wish I had something like it before I started university.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    The difference with so many of today’s generation is that they will go to school with parents who understand what it is like in University (good and bad).

    I doubt that books like this existed when we were going to school.

    In so many ways, beyond financial, this generation is very fortunate.

    For example, look at the XBOX. We had big blocky Intellivision .. they have pixel shaded teraflop gaming machines. To be a kid again ….


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