The Future of PowerPoint

Lawrence Lessig makes reference to a presentation by Dick Hardt here.

The presentation itself is quite unique and certainly presents an original way of using PowerPoint, or Keynote, to augment a speech. Follow this link to review his presentation. Although his topic is on identity, a bit of a niche topic and focused on a technology audience, I can guarantee you that you will walk away from his presentation with an understanding of the identity challenge and the technical approach that he is advocating.

Dick Hardt is a powerful communicator.

Dick Hardt

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  1. Aravind
    Aravind says:

    Thanks for sharing this. The complexities of online world is a cause due to the issue of interoperability. Unfortunately nobody agrees to a single platform or to the principles of interoperability. Like we have countries and boundaries separating them, this will stay for long..


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