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Battlestar Galactica second season was just released on DVD. If I can tear my son away from the hockey playoffs, we will resume our virtual journey with this excellent sci-fi series.


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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    A coincidence here ”“ one of my favourite shows, too. Also, a good friend of mine, Adrian, who I originally met via eBay years ago, is one of BG’s animators. While he lives in the Bloor Village, he is in the US as often as he is here, working on the software side of the series.

    He is a fantastic guitar player, studio musician and techno whiz when it comes time to rip electronics apart and rebuild them and he is a big fan of the Tom Scholz (Band Boston) “Rockman” analog rock modules as I am. His front hall is lined with pictures of him and the cast, as well as other very famous movie stars (Angelina Jolie for one ”“ cool photo)

    What I like about him, other than his guitar playing ability and technical expertise – he is just a plain, humble, down to earth guy – he just happens to work with and associate with the who’s who of the movie and television world. You”™d never guess. Humble is good.


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