Yesterday I struggled with some severe abdominal pain. Thankfully, it settled towards the latter part of the day. And I was able to head out last night to see my youngest son gain his purple belt in Karate.

All of the nominees are required to demonstrate their forms and they usually do so in groups along with their instructors. Generally, the only solo forms are those students attempting their senior belts.

Matthew was the only student attempting his purple belt. His instructor asked him if he would like to attempt his form solo on the floor. And he did. He executed his form flawlessly in front of the audience and the school.

Obviously, I was proud of his achievement as a father. I also marvelled at the ability of very young children to master complex activities. The purple belt form is relatively sophisiticated and requires focus and coordination. The other belts are also challenging to achieve.

To see all of the young students perform so well was inspiring.

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