Last Day in Vegas

Today is our last day in Las Vegas. We fly out on the red eye to Toronto late this evening. I suspect that it will take a few days to recover.

Last night we went to see Mama Mia! at the Mandalay Bay Theatre. The sound was absolutely superb. I was seated relatively close to the mixing area and during the intermission I had a chance to get up close and see the rig. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed so I could not take any pictures.

Nonetheless, the sound reproduction was about the best that I have heard. Lorraine and I had also gone to see the Fab Four. The Fab Four is a Beatles clone band. And they did a terrific job recreating the Beatles look. The sound was the worst that I have ever heard. Piercing high mids which made the overall loudness harsh and annoying. It really detracted from the performance. Whereas the show band at Mama Mia! played at similar loudness levels, peaks at about 105dB, but a much smoother and balanced sound.

Next post will be sometime late tomorrow. Chances are that I will be sleep deprived. Today’s adventure includes a drive out to Lake Mead and some of the sights in that area. Again we enjoy yet another day of sun and warm temperatures. What a great week. I’m pleased that I elected to stay a few more days here after the conference.

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