Viva Las Vegas

After a lengthy late-night flight, coupled with a 3-hour time zone change and the move to Daylight Savings, we finally made it to our hotel in Las Vegas. We arrived at around 4am Toronto time. And I woke up at 6am. Okay, 6am Las Vegas time. I am just a little bit tired.

We had a picture perfect day to explore our resort and the surrounding area. Lorraine and I walked for over 3 hours and covered perhaps a third of the Las Vegas strip. Like most things in the US of A, everything is just bigger here. The resorts are huge and impressive.

Las Vegas is the second most popular tourist destination in the United States with about 37 million tourists each year. Walt Disney World is the most popular destination. In many ways, the resorts evoke the same sense of magic that Disney creates although the main areas of focus are clearly towards gambling and entertainment.

We are staying at the Mandalay Bay resort as that is where the conference is being hosted. I have posted a few pictures of our stay so far and I will post some additional photos over the next few days.

We have a number of social events planned around the conference proceedings so I will no doubt be educated and entertained in equal measure. This means little sleep for the week.

The first two pictures are of the Mandalay Bay resort. The bottom picture is of the New York resort located a few miles north of Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Outside

Mandalay Lobby

New York Outside

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