Mission Statement

I was reflecting on the importance of a corporate mission statement and the need for such a statement to accurately reflect the corporate protocol.

I found the following mission statement here. I think it can be used in almost any context where a mission statement is desparately needed.

We strive to deliver DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS to redefine the market place. With the power of disruption and change management, we take our customers PAST THE TIPPING POINT, merging our talents with other CHANGE AGENTS to achieve EMPOWERMENT and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of dynamic subsystems and CROSS-FUNCTIONAL WORKSTREAMS. Integrated infrastructures and holistic solutions based on long-tailed DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES are our specialty – yet we are DIVERSE and can capture new, emerging paradigms for novel transformations with knowledge-based system dynamics and rapid prototype development based on advanced Information Technology for effective and disruptive CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) in every workstream and especially in our market niche. We do it just in time and always right the first time, while exceeding customer expectations and establishing customer delight as we manage by objectives to make every effort a VALUE ADDED process that helps our shareholders reach their wildest dreams. This means we achieve GLOBALLY ROBUST total quality management (TQM) not only through statistical process control (SPC), Taguchi methods, and QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT (QFD), but also through Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution Systems, BEST PRACTICES, BENCHMARKING, and TOTAL EXCELLENCE. This is possible because we maintain a flat organization led by one-minute managers who are constantly in search of excellence. Our world-class employees – whether on-shore or off-shore – don’t just PUSH THE ENVELOPE, they mutilate the envelope, explode the envelope, and shove the envelope down our competitors’ throats. Sure, that leads to some problems in our mail room, but it’s a small price to pay for being a GLOBAL MARKET LEADER through transformational KNOWLEDGE SYNERGY and CUSTOMER CENTERED GROWTH.

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