Second Life or No Life

I was reading Scoble’s blog on Second Life here. I often join in on games with my sons. Lately, we have rediscovered Command and Conquer. And we bond through the virtual world of gaming. Second Life notches that experience up a little bit.
I guess that must be pretty common for geeks. As Scoble puts it:

But there is still that part face-to-face communication that these things miss. There”™s nothing like looking in someone”™s eyes, shaking their hand, and sharing an experience in real life. That said, I”™ll be online this weekend with my son, who has built me an entire office in my evil software company in Second Life.

My son says that Second Life is the most addicting thing he”™s done so far. Here”™s a 2006 parent/kid conversation we had recently: “Hey, Dad, I”™m in Home Depot in Second Life, want me to buy you anything?”?

I captured a screenshot from the game below. A bit spooky. Imagine spending all of your leisure time in a virtual world. The Matrix is fast approaching. Wiki has a segment on Second Life here.
Second Life Screenshot

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