High Priority

The Barna Group had an interesting piece on a survey of top priorities for Americans. Top priority, at 51% was family. Faith was the runner-up category, listed by 16% of all adults. Other priorities included health (7%), lifestyle (5%), vocational matters (3%), money (3%), achieving success (3%), friendships (1%), leisure pursuits (1%), and having influence (1%). You can read the report here.

Career did not make a very strong showing in the list of priorities. I imagine that the priority list would be inverted from an investment of time perspective given the demands of everyday life. And, for some folks, their priority for family and faith never makes it to the top of their to do list. Work, including unpaid and volunteer activities, can consume too much focus and attention. Such work can displace our priorities for family and faith.

Work-life balance is hard to get right. Not impossible mind you. Just hard.

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